January is the month when many people decide it’s time to go to the gym, so we decided to go too, but this time for a chat with Estelle Wallace, manager at Pure Wellness Gym.

Estelle Wallace | Manager at Pure Wellness Gym

Estelle Wallace, manager at Pure Wellness Gym

Firstly we asked Estelle to tell us a bit about her journey with Pure Gym from the beginning to now. She said,

“My journey, well now …….. I’ve been in the Fitness game for let’s say over 20 years ( yes I’m that old ) I started off teaching fitness to 4 lovely ladies in my spare room. To be honest they spurred me on to get qualified and I did. The rest is history.

Today I teach very successful Pilates and Fitness classes within Pure and the Ballymena area. There is so such thing as quick fame in the area of fitness, to become well established and trusted it takes many many years of hard work, sweat and tears. Today I’m in my reaping season and it feels good.

Over the past 10 years I’ve been utterly privileged to manage the most wonderful gym; Pure Wellness. It really is a special place with extra special members and a team that work with such unity that it births big blessings.”


The start of every new year always gets lots of people thinking about exercising more and/or losing weight. What advice or encouragement would you give to anyone reading this who still hasn’t managed to get started yet?


“Most people don’t need another resolution they need a revelation. One of the biggest things I want people to know is that they are loved and that they are enough in Gods eyes.

The first step to happiness, it’s not found on a scale or a personal best in a run or a rep. It’s found in self acceptance. 

Yes fitness and good nutrition are paramount to good health but it should only be done out of self love and not self hate.

Over exercising, under eating are as harmful as not exercising and over eating. Both traits put the body under unnecessary pressure to perform.

The best time to want to get fitter and more healthy is when you decide these things:

You are doing it for yourself and not others.

You are doing it for your health.

You are doing it for a better lifestyle.

You are doing it because you love yourself, not in a vain manner but in a manner of self care.

This is the perfect time to start as the reasons are invaluable to your wellbeing. If this is you then we have an amazing team on hand to welcome you and to help you all to reach your goals.


Estelle Wallace | Manager at Pure Wellness Gym

What courses or programmes does Pure Gym offer its clients?

We have everybody and budget in mind, our memberships are as follows:

Monthly direct debit – £15 ( includes 2 morning classes) 

Monthly cash – £20 ( includes 2 morning classes) 

Monthly Student cash – £15 ( includes 2 morning classes) 

Monthly Youth cash – £10 – age (12 to 16)

Monthly OAP over 65 – £10 

All Access Gym Monthly ( includes ALL classes) – £25.00

Daily pass (only) – £4.00

We also have a unique program running at present where we take on only 6 people for 6 weeks.

It includes 6 eating psychology coaching sessions, 6 PT sessions, 6 weeks Bespoke eating plan and 6 weeks of unlimited gym membership and fitness classes for £300.00

This program has proven to be invaluable to those who have taken part.”

What are your plans for Pure Wellness in 2019?

“Oh I could crush a grape! ( showing my age ) 2019 will be a year of anticipation as we prepare to move to our new home at the new Green Pastures church. We have a beautiful new building to allow our community gym to not only enlarge but to bring our heart for wellbeing for the spirit, soul and body into a new arena.

We as a team desire to welcome every walk of life into Pure. Life is hard and we want to help build people up not only in the physical but also emotionally and spiritually too.

We don’t hide the fact that we operate under a Christian ethos and as a team love to show that people are accepted and cared for no matter what background.

One thing remains – “people matter”.

We exist to help supply Connect Ministries so they can reach out to those in need.

It’s a honour to do what we do and in turn help those who simply need a little hope brought into their lives.

Fitness is an amazing tool to help reach and restore but most of all build relationships.

There are good things ahead for Pure and it’s been a wonderful journey so far. 

A big thank you to all our members, without them it wouldn’t be possible. People are needed to make dreams happen. We have great people to whom we are eternally grateful.”


Has this got you interested in fitness and a new you? Would you like to find out more about their gym classes? If so get in touch with Estelle Wallace at Pure Wellness Gym on 028 2565 0123. Find them on Facebook here.