Braid Real Music Club in Ballymena welcome Errol Walsh and Steve Simpson to play in Valentines Day. On 14th February 2015 Errol Walsh and Steve Simpson will join together at the Braid Arts Centre to entertain music lovers on this special night out.


Errol provides vocal s and Guitar while Steve plays guitar, slide guitar and the fiddle. They first played together in their band “Coyotes”. The talented pair now get together to play intimate gigs, much to their fans delight. Expect their sound to by Rock ‘n’ Roll, Country, R&B, folk and jazz sounds expertly played by these talented musicians.

Any music fan would enjoy this night out. A ticket would make the perfect Valentines present for your music obsessed loved one or if you could grab a bunch of friends and have a night out together. For more information click here to visit the Braid Arts Centre website and get your tickets for Errol Walsh and Steve Simpson at the Braid Real Music Club..