In Ballymena school term is starting soon and we know that it can be a struggle to choose a hockey stick. Elizabeth from the Ballymena Today Youth Team gives us some advice on how to pick the perfect stick!


Here are a few pointers on choosing the right hockey stick for you.

Firstly price.

If it is your first time ever playing hockey you probably don’t want to be buying the most expensive one – but how do you know if it is good quality? There are many types of hockey sticks including wood and fibreglass. For beginners a wooden hockey stick is recommended. They are not as strong as a fibreglass but are cheaper. As well as considering price there are different brands. Even though certain brands may be more expensive than others you will get more wear out of them and they will last you longer. The main brands are:

  • Grays
  • Kookaburra
  • Adidas
  • Malik
  • Voodoo (tend to be more expensive)

After looking at the price you need to check the length. When measuring the hockey stick place the head on the floor and put it straight against your leg. If it is the correct fit for you it should come up to your waist. When trying it out here are a few questions to ask yourself:-

  • Is it comfortable?
  • Does the stick touch your stomach when you bend over? If so it is probably too long.
  • Do you have to bend over too much to use it?

Now you have to look at the weight of the hockey stick. Usually if the height is right the hockey stick will be the right weight, but maybe you need a heavier stick. Usually the heavier stick is for people who have been playing longer or have more experience. Also the weight of the hockey stick depends on:-

  • Strength – the stronger you are the easier it will be to control it.
  • Playing position – defence will need a heavier stick to clear the ball and tackle, but a forward will need a lighter stick so it is easier to control the ball.

After looking at the price, type, brand, length and weight of hockey stick, and you have found the best one for you, it is time to start playing. I hope these guidelines on choosing a hockey stick have helped you find the best one that may suit you.

Thanks to our hockey expert and enthusiast Elizabeth from the Ballymena Today Youth Team for writing this Guide to picking out the right Hockey Stick.