Sweet shops have been in Ballymena for years and specialist sweet shops like Scotts Sweet Emporium on Church Street have provided sweet treats alongside a drop of nostalgia. Their vintage decor, sweets in jars and paper bags remind us of the sweet stores from the past.

Did you know that Nestlé UK & Ireland have released vintage packaging and advertisements in their reminiscence pack. We think that it is a wonderful idea. Here are our favourites;

nestle_heritage_poster nestle_heritage_poster-10-19 nestle_heritage_poster-10-19l

They are as delicious as they look! The pack was put together to help those who have memory problems or suffer from dementia with the help of the UK-based Alzheimer’s Society. They hope that the vintage packages will trigger childhood memories and help others to engage with the patient.To browse the Nestlé UK & Ireland reminiscence pack click here and see their archive photographs, boxes and wrappers and take a trip into the past.