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Heating Oil and Diesel Theft

Temperatures have dropped in Ballymena and many people are ordering Heating Oil and Diesel to get them through the winter. Heating Oil and Diesel Theft can be a concern at this time of the year. Here are a few tips which may help you to deter any thieves.

Photo Credit: Isaac Wedin; Creative Commons
Photo Credit: Isaac Wedin; Creative Commons
  • Make sure you oil tank is secure – fences, walls, a metal grill or simply having a padlock on the lid will improve you tanks security. Just remember to unlock it when the oil delivery man is due.
  • Padlock – if you are using a padlock invest in a closed shackle pad lock which is more difficult to tamper with than a simple hoop.
  • Consider an oil level gauge – this will set off an audible alarm once the oil in the tank drops to a low level. This will indicate when you need a refill and alert you to thieves who are taking oil from your tank.
  • Security light – a light which can be turned on by a sensor can alert you to any movement in your yard or garden.
  • CCTV – if you are really worried it could be worth investing in a CCTV security system which allows you to view your oil tank from a monitor or even you phone.
  • Defensive Planting – planting dense vegetation around your oil tank may put potential thieves off. If someone does venture in any shred of clothing or blood may provide evidence which the police can use to find the culprit.

Filling your oil tank is an expensive and losing that oil is a nuisance that no one wants to have to deal with. If you think that your heating oil or diesel tank has been tampered with call the Ballymena PSNI on the non-emergency number – 101.