Ballymena Today recently read about January Debt in The Guardian. The newspaper reports that our consumer debt has reached a seven year high in the UK from Christmas spending.

Photo Credit: Ken-Teegardin; Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Ken-Teegardin; Creative Commons

Debt and money worries can be a difficult burden to bear. Here at Ballymena Today we want to direct you to some websites which can offer you information, support and help.

257229_378905785513993_771362218_oThe Money Advice Service is a free and impartial money advice website set up by the government. You may have seen their advertisements on television and they offer online support and help via the telephone.

Click here to visit Money Advice Service.


197511_10151195664002371_1833184557_nCAP or Christians Against Poverty is a charity that gives free debt help to anyone in debt. You don’t have to be a member of a local church to take advantage of their courses and advice. Just log on and read through their website and you have the option to enter your postcode and find a CAP course which is being run in a church near you. In Ballymena CAP is run in Partnership with Ballymena Baptist church and is open to all. This service is really helpful as it provides a face to face meeting and help with setting up budgets and spreadsheets to keep on top of your household finances.

Click here to visit the CAP website.


CABLogoThe Citizens Advice Bureau offer lots of information about money and debt. The website is easy to navigate and covers everything from debt, mortgates, disputes and borrowing. The Citizens Advice Bureau is a massive organisation which offers help for a variety of issues – money only being a small part of that. There doesn’t seem to be any help line or contact with their service.

To visit the Citizens Advice Bureau page about money and debt click here.


Don’t let money problems get out of control. This year get a handle on your debt, budgeting and saving by getting informed at one of these great websites.