In December 2011 we posted for the first time online as The Directory Page, talking briefly about Ballymena, social media, print, design and a local directory for businesses. After those first few tentative steps we began widening our content, reaching out to more people and in doing so, we realised that we would have to keep challenging ourselves as time passed by. We blogged over 600 times on The Directory Page blog before evolving into Ballymena Today in the summer of 2014.

Over 1000 Ballymena blog posts

We’ve now blogged here almost 500 times…

We love Ballymena! We are passionate about seeing the town thrive… from local business to community organisations to education… and, our team are privileged to work alongside people in all of these areas every day and so, we want to continue to write about the good things! There is lots to be written about and to be shared and encouraged…

This has never been just about networking… we want to build real relationships that benefit your business/organisation… we want to see the effects of that rub off on others around you.

All of the words and images that make up over 1000 blog posts have taken tremendous effort, first by the businesses who have engaged with us, and then by our team who work tirelessly to keep finding new content.

Online content is important to your business or organisation but Ballymena Today want to do far more than post your news here.

We can help you get your own blog set up, assist and advise you on social media and create design/print for your every need. We want you to take ownership of these things and in turn get as excited as we do about their value. You have a story to share that should compliment your static directory entry and/or web page… if you have one.

You have customers who need your engagement as well as news, information and offers.

There are lots more blog posts still to be written and we’d love to help you find your voice.

So, here’s to the next 1000 Ballymena blog posts!