Ballymena Braid Film Theatre in association with Ballymena Waterstones will be showing The Fault in Our Stars on Thursday 28th May. The teen film was based on a book of the same name and has proved to be hit despite the difficult subject matter.

The Fault in Our Stars - Braid Film Theatre

The Fault in Our Stars – Braid Film Theatre

Two teenagers meet and fall in love, only in this case they both meet at a cancer support group and have suffered cancer at a very young age. They both suffer from different conditions yet seem to understand what each other is going through. The romance has capture the hearts of many and fans have provided some incredible fan art.







A big fan of the book? It has been reported that John Green, the author himself, thought that the screenwriters made improvements in the film version and he liked the different ending. SO even if you have read the book you cant afford to miss the film to see how it ends onscreen. Click here to find out more are Ballymena Braid film theatre showing “The Fault in our Stars”.