There’s a difference between good design and nice design. Effective design is probably different again but with elements of good and nice maybe present. That said, a lot of design is subjective.

In an ongoing series of posts here at Ballymena Today, I hope to unpack some of my own experience as a designer. There will be inspiration, ideas and challenges along the way as we look at various types of design.

My main aim is to provide useful information.

Designing for a range of different clients can be challenging but also rewarding. People have such varying opinions on what works and what they like so, trying to be sensitive to these factors whilst creating and designing isn’t always easy.

I want to show you and then keep reminding you that, hiring a good designer also means trusting them to do a good job. That may involve a bit of risk on your part but, a good designer should know about good design. Chances are, you don’t know very much about good design. Knowing what you like is not the same.

This can be tough to hear but design trends move and evolve quickly.

So, stick with me and let’s see if we can challenge a few ideas as well as inspire.