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Spend the time it takes

Spend the time it takes to do social media properly, or don’t even bother being there. It’s a truly valuable marketing channel that deserves your time and brain-power. You need to be disciplined and make time to plan everything from content generation right through to time for communication — which is still the most important thing of course! Always, always make sure you have a valid case for being present on a platform, time is precious, and many a business has lost it in social media.

You could of course, take these first few words of advice and apply them to lots of things.

Spend the time it takes. 

The above quote is from an article I wrote almost two years ago called Your Digital Media Solution should be Slow – you can read it here.  We still believe that if you are going to make an impact with digital media then, it’s best to take it slow. Digital media isn’t just about social networks though.

Whether it’s writing, video, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you need to first see the value in it and, then spend the time it takes to do it well. Consistently.

That’s definitely a challenge but, in 2017 we would love to see more locally.

More time spent doing and doing well, not rushing, panicking or stabbing at half-baked ideas. More seeing the value in social media. More seeing people and not just profiles and images and updates. More sharing of each others conversations. More empathy, compassion and generosity. More common sense…

You’ve heard that old saying ‘slow and steady wins the race.’

In 2017,  we think Ballymena needs more slow and steady.

Spend the time it takes.