If people aren't buying your product

Most people don’t care where they buy their every day goods from. Food, essentials and toiletries are often mundane purchases, with little interaction or uniqueness.

Choose, pay, leave…

A lot of people say price is the sole deciding factor for why we buy things these days.

But we aren’t sure if that generalisation is fair, in fact we think it lets too many businesses of the hook.

Worth & Value

Ballymena Today love the wisdom of Seth Godin and, he had some brief but valuable thoughts on worth on his blog recently. He said this…

If people aren’t buying your product, it’s not because the price is too high. It’s because we don’t believe you enough, don’t love it enough, don’t care enough.

Read the full post here.

If your business offers a service or product that can be obtained for less on the Internet then you need to stop complaining about the Internet. You can’t hold back that tide and in fact, you should have given up on that about 5 years ago. It’s too late. We have said this before…

There is no magic wand

The Ballymena Today team would love to wave a magic wand and transform your business. We can’t but, here’s a reminder of what/who we are and what we do.

Ballymena Today is not a publicly funded organisation or project. We are simply a team of people from Ballymena and the surrounding area who are passionate about this town. We have been using our own skills, resources and time to do what you see here on Ballymena Today.

Writing for you on Ballymena Today delivers your story to thousands of people across all our social networks but, that’s not all. Our extended team offer other services. Connecting with a wide variety of businesses and organisations in & around Ballymena has made it possible for us to be effective and useful to you in creative and powerful ways.

We can give you a web presence, host your website, your emails and, get you connected in as many technical ways that you can possibly imagine. We have used Billboards around Ballymena to advertise and share messages for local organisations and businesses as well as for Ballymena Today. We can also offer design and print services in all sizes, shapes and forms.

A Challenge for you

What kind of picture are you painting for your customers?

If people aren’t buying your product, how can you get us to believe in you and your service or product again? How can you get us to love what your business does?

How can you get your town to care again?

If you still care about your business or product, if you still have some courage left, paint a new picture.

Let us help you.