Creating Great Places to Live is the business of Wilson and Mawhinney. Wilson and Mawhinney are a family owned and operated construction contractor. They have a reputation for a fair, professional and honest approach to business and have been creating great places to live and work since 1978. Their projects have been varied from large to small, domestic and industrial.


Creating Great Places to Live – Wilson and Mawhinney

Wilson and Mawhinney say:

“The 1970’s was the decade of punk, platforms and the post-it note. In 1978 Wilson & Mawhinney began building great places to live and work. Our mission was simple – “Run a successful business by satisfying our clients.”
Over the years our professionalism and integrity were embraced by clients on a diverse range of projects. Our clients include central and local government, public agencies, housing associations, retail, industry and ecclesiastical. We have experienced steady growth, building relationships with clients, their design teams and our supply chain.


A lot has happened since Wilson & Mawhinney entered the construction industry. Technology has advanced rapidly. Many companies have arrived in a blaze of glory or expanded at a dramatic rate … and fizzled out just as dramatically. Wilson & Mawhinney is here for the duration, working hard and working quietly, leading our construction teams in transforming designs into reality and our mission still remains the same …….“Run a successful business by satisfying our clients.”

Please click here to visit the Wilson and Mawhinney website. There you can find out more about their work in Ballymena and throughout Northern Ireland.