MCC Computers and Internet Safety Centre ask the question. ‘If you’re using a computer or have just bought a new one to give as a Christmas present, is your computer Internet safe?’ This is something you really need to be certain about! If it’s not, you could end up needing an expensive repair or worse still having your accounts hacked and stolen. However, don’t worry, this is something Galgorm based MCC Computers and Internet Safety Centre can help you with.

MCC Computers and Internet Safety Centre

With more and more business being conducted online now, we are punching our credit card or bank details into more and more sites. This is why we need our computers to be as safe as possible. At MCC they have formed a partnership with world leading Internet security software company, AVG, to offer you a fantastic product. You can read more about the award winning partnership here.

It’s well worthwhile having your computer checked for Internet safety. Get in touch with MCC Computers and Internet Safety Centre who will be happy to help.

If you’re going to buy someone a new computer or laptop for Christmas, why not get AVG Internet Security installed on it before Christmas. Whoever is going to receive it on Christmas morning will be able to use it immediately with peace of mind. A quick trip to MCC Computers and Internet Security Centre in Ballymena Business Centre, Fenaghy Road, Galgorm is all you need to do. They will do the rest.

Maybe you’re thinking, but I didn’t buy my computer from MCC! That doesn’t matter. They are happy to install the protection no matter where you’ve bought the computer or laptop. Perhaps you have an older device which is starting to do ‘weird things’ such as running slow, unusual messages appearing on the screen, etc. MCC in Galgorm are happy to work on these too. They can search for and clean out viruses, malware and spyware, install AVG Security and get the computer back to proper working order.

Are you a business owner using computers?

Are you a business owner? Have you thought about your Internet security recently? Are your systems as Internet safe as they can be? Attacks and viruses are getting more and more complex and frequent. It’s important you have the most up-to-date protection. MCC Computers and Internet Safety Centre can offer you this through the business package they offer in conjunction with AVG.

Do you want to find out more about the Internet safety of your computer(s)? Get in touch with either Anne or Gordon at MCC Computers and Internet Safety Centre on 028 2563 8888. Click here to go to MCC Computers website or follow them on Twitter here.