Massive collections of fake accounts are lying dormant on Twitter, suggests research.
The largest network ties together more than 350,000 accounts and further work suggests others may be even bigger.
UK researchers accidentally uncovered the lurking networks while probing Twitter to see how people use it.
Some of the accounts have been used to fake follower numbers, send spam and boost interest in trending topics.

– Quote from this BBC story.

Connecting and communicating with others has never been easier. The technology we have available to us is amazing.

Your business or organisation has social advantages at it’s fingertips like never before in history.

But, this can be a double edged sword.

Fake or real on the web

When social media took hold of our lives over a decade ago, we saw a flurry of friends, connections and followers. Millions of people suddenly converged on only a few social media platforms and, it was easy to get carried away with trying to achieve large followings.

We 100% recommend that you build a following but, a real following of actual real people, business and organisations.

This might seem like an obvious thing to say but, the web is saturated with fake news, fake social media accounts, fake people…

And millions of people get caught out by this fake swamp every single day.

Who are you following? What are you sharing? Who is following you?

It’s worth having a regular look at these questions.