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Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day with Ballymena Today

Did you know that today is World Down Syndrome Day? Well it certainly is and to celebrate we wanted to share this video.

This short film “Not Special Needs” was created by CoorDown – National Coordination of Associations of People with Down syndrome to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. The international campaign was created, this year for the first time, with the collaboration of the advertising agency Publicis New York.

It was made to highlight that people with Down syndrome, like everyone else, have basic human needs – to eat, drink, breathe and sleep – to be nurtured, loved, educated and sheltered – to move, communicate, contribute and work – and to share, love and live.
Sure, people with Down syndrome may need extra assistance. Sometimes they even need significant assistance, and adjustments, to meet a particular need. But that doesn’t make that common human need “special.”

Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day with Ballymena Today

We would love it if you would share this video tonight to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day and head over to the website which talks about the whole project in more detail. Click here to visit the Not Special Needs website to learn more about Down Syndrome. Also we would love you to head over here to read the story of actress Sally Phillips who has a son with Down Syndrome and recently made a challenging tv documentary about their life.