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Pets Ballymena – Career advice from Grove Vets

Grove Vets in Ballymena has given Ballymena Today an invaluable insight into her career as a vet. As part of our Pets themed month we felt that it was important to throw the spotlight on to one of our favourite local businesses. Grove Vets have been a part of Ballymena for many years and over the years they have cared for many our our beloved pets. So here we woudl like to reintroduce you to one of their vets, Heather. Here is an article which was prepared for on 2014 before it grew into Ballymena.Today

Heather grew up on a farm and always loved working with animals. Here she answers all the questions you may have if you would like to have a career as a veterinarian.

Pets Ballymena - Career advice from Grove Vets

So Heather, thanks for letting interview you about your job. Tell us a little about what you do.

In my job as a vet I deal with “small”animals, working mainly with cats and dogs vaccinating, neutering and dealing with sick animals. I did a 5 year course at university which led to a degree in veterinary medicine

Are there many opportunities to take part in Work experience or Work shadowing in your industry?

There are lots of opportunities for work shadowing for either vets or veterinary nurses. I spent lots of time on different farms – dairy, beef and sheep , time at kennels, cattery, abattoir and lots time work shadowing a vet. After you graduate there may be lots of job opportunities as there are lots of pets and as a rural area there’s also lots of farm animals needing the services of a good vet. There are different areas of work within the veterinarian field including research, teaching, laboratory services and clinic with large animals or small animals or a mixture of both.

Pets Ballymena - Career advice from Grove Vets

Describe the characteristic which a vet needs,

A caring, hardworking, problem solving person. Lots of teamwork is required in this profession to be able to provide 24 hour cover for all our patients, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

There are both good and bad aspects of my job. Good parts – Helping to keep pets healthy, preventing unwanted puppies through neutering, meeting lots clients with their pet as an extended family member, working with Dogs Trust to see lots of unwanted dog find loving homes.

Difficult parts – Giving owners bad news about a pets health condition and long hours – if on-call at night and therefore could be up all night, we still have to work next day as normal!

And finally Heather what advice would you give to teenagers who are currently looking for the right career for them?

Do something you are passionate about.

We couldn’t agree more! Thanks to Heather for opening up her life and career for us. Learn more about Grove Vets where Heather works by clicking here to view their blog.