Here at Ballymena today we have often blogged about the Community Rescue Service in Portglenone and we wanted to share a few updates from their their Facebook page over the past few month. We also want to take the opportunity to highlight how you can help too.
Recently the Portglenone Community Rescue Service went to The Junction Retail and Leisure Park in Antrim to train with our sister unit Community Rescue Service Antrim.
It is great to see two community teams join together to help to train and share their knowledge.

Community Rescue Service – Portglenone

Community Rescue Service - Portglenone

How to help

You can volunteer – If you’re interested in what Portglenone Community rescue service do and would like to know more, just drop them an email at

You can help them with much needed equipment – the Portglenone Community rescue service have a Amazon wishlist which can viewed here. Just take a look at what tis on the wishlist and if you want to help you can purchase something and send it straight to the people who need it.

Community Rescue Service - Portglenone
An anonymous member of the public who bought 3 boxes of batteries off the Amazon Wishlist last week and Claire from Dunloy Cycling-Club purchased of 2 high visibility back packs from the same Wishlist. The bags will now be packed and in the vehicles for use searches.
Thank you to those who have contributed to this great cause. 

Yo can vote for them – Don’t forget to vote for Portglenone Community Rescue Service on LIDL – click here to read more.

The Community Rescue Service – helping keep our communities safe!