Slemish Market Garden always have the best produce just at the right time – and by that we mean when it is in season. We cant quite believe that it is October already but if you head down to Slemish Market Garden you will be in no doubt because of their current crop of pumpkins and squashes.

Here we share their recent facebook post where they share the news about their successful crop this year – Read the full post here, which also includes their favourite squash recipe.

Pumpkin and squash season – Slemish market garden Ballymena

What would Autumn be without squash and pumpkin, over the years we’ve had mixed success growing a good crop but this year we’ve got it right ,they’re more than just a photo opportunity, they’re one of the most nutritional foods you can eat ,everyone one at some stage has tried to make a meal out of the big orange carving pumpkins but really they don’t lend themselves to being cooked although perfectly edible they have been bred to be carved easily and that’s about it, yet culinary squash like the ones we grow are such a seasonal treat to cook, simple ,full of flavour and nutrition.

And because Slemish Market Garden shared their favourite recipe on facebook we also want to re-share one of our recipes for Butternut Squah Bake from Marianne – click here to see this great recipe.