The Matter is in our hands

At Ballymena Today we recognise that shops have been closing, streets are quieter. We realise that we have fond memories of a “thriving town”. Even though we can see this it doesn’t stop us being passionate about all that is good in our town. We believe the answer lies with each one of us and that we can help each other. We believe people can make a difference. It is an exciting challenge and one which might be simpler than we think.

Ballymena Today believe people matter 

We Have a Good Town

There are many challenges

Our businesses need us

The Internet has brought us so many benefits and so much more choice, however, at Ballymena Today we feel that while it’s a global product it is not always best at supporting our town. It’s much easier to find the big guys and give them our money while our town gets overlooked. That’s why, at Ballymena Today, we write about the local businesses and also help at a practical level to give them a hand. We realise that there are times when we need to purchase out of town, however, we believe to keep our businesses alive, they need us to buy from them.

Businesses need to attract us

With the increase of online purchasing and out of town shopping, businesses are facing many challenges. With so much choice available, there is the challenge of having the products and services that we as a community want. While the Internet and social media have brought wonderful opportunities to us, it has also brought the added challenge for businesses of how to share in the “conversation” and connect with the community. We often talk about how there has to be a new way for businesses. We believe it is becoming increasingly important that businesses seriously consider what they are doing online. In the past, investments into business were more about the bricks and mortar, however, with the ever increasing value of the Internet, it is essential for businesses to take on the Internet with a determined entrepreneurial zest. Unless businesses represent themselves well online and demonstrate their products and be part of the conversation, it may become more difficult to attract us as consumers. Gone are the days of putting up a website, to let people know where you are, and the job is done. It is a continual investment and needs worked at continuously. We can’t put the clock back so we need to continue to take this challenge on.

If people aren’t buying your product 

Our role in this

At Ballymena Today we have the privilege of working with so many local businesses who are equally passionate about our town and want to see the best for it. We have many resources on hand and together we love to push digital media forward to help make that difference.

“Writing for you on Ballymena Today delivers your story to thousands of people across all our social networks but, that’s not all. Our extended team offer other services. Connecting with a wide variety of businesses and organisations in & around Ballymena has made it possible for us to be effective and useful to you in creative and powerful ways.”

The honest conversation and plain cakes 

“We can give you a web presence, host your website, your emails and, get you connected in as many technical ways that you can possibly imagine. We have used Billboards around Ballymena to advertise and share messages for local organisations and businesses as well as for Ballymena Today. We can also offer design and print services in all sizes, shapes and forms.”

Much still to be done

At Ballymena Today we are very thankful for all the support and encouragement we receive. We love when we hear how our articles, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram help others.

However, we realise there is still much still to be done and we will continue to work hard to share stories from around the town and help where we can.

Please take time to browse the stories and follow our social networks and be part of a growing community. We believe people can make a difference….and you can make that difference.