In Ballymena we saw lots of Motorbikes around because of the North West 200, and from now on we expect to see more as the weather gets warmer and dryer. If you have been thinking of taking your Motorcycle test to get your motorcycle licence then here is all the information you need.

Motorcycle licence requirements - Ballymena

If you have a provisional motorcycle licence, you MUST satisfactorily complete a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course. You can then ride unaccompanied on the public road a motorcycle up to 125 cc with a power output not exceeding 11 kW, with L plates, for up to two years.

To ride a moped, learners MUST

  • be 16 or over
  • have a provisional moped licence
  • complete CBT training.
  • You can then ride unaccompanied on a public road a two-wheeled vehicle with a maximum design speed of 45 km/h (28 mph), with L plates, for up to two years.

You MUST first pass the theory test for motorcycles, the manoeuvres test and then the moped practical test to obtain your full moped licence.

If you passed your car driving test before 21 February 2011 you are qualified to ride a moped without L plates, although it is recommended that you complete CBT before riding on the road. If you passed your car driving test after this date you MUST complete CBT before riding a moped on the road.

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If you own a motorcycle now is the time to get it out and give it a check over. Take it out for a short ride and also check that you tyres are in good shape. Ballymena Tyres on Warden street stock Motorcycle tyres. Remember to always wear a helmet and replace your helmet if it has taken a knock or you had a fall. Ballymena has lots of places where you can pick up motorcycle kit such as R.F. Linton on Springwell Street, and Ray’s Motorcycles at Ballymena Business Centre.