If you are going to have an impact on social media you have to work hard to make your content original. You have the freedom to take it any direction you want, be creative.

Recycling content and ideas from other sources will work occasionally and might build an audience for you but, trying to scour the web for other peoples ideas is exhausting and offers fewer rewards than originality.

Ballymena Today is leading a local online charge with original content.

We interact with you and your local business and create content that is relevant for you at the time of publishing. This is in a constant state of change as you evolve and as we stand alongside you on the Internet. We will strive to be original. Always.

Around our growing community in Ballymena we encourage originality because, your business and your journey is completely unique to you. You should tell your story your way.

What happens when you get copied

There is a fine line between stealing and copying ideas on social media but, let’s not forget that vast chunks of the Internet are driven by unoriginal thought and re-published content.

It is what it is.

From blog post ideas & content themes to hashtags it’s almost inevitable that your ideas will be used by others. Ours are…

But, we have been leaders and influencers creating community in a way that Ballymena had not seen before. People copy us, people follow our lead and that’s ok… in fact, we’ve encouraged it on numerous occasions as we’ve shared ideas and given suggestions about social media use and strategy.

We will always have new ideas. We will innovate when we need to. That’s what leaders do.

But, it’s just words and pictures on the Internet

Many small businesses are still avoiding using social media to their advantage. Time constraints, lack of understanding… you have lots of reasons.

Consider this: How are you going to connect with a town, borough, county and nation that is always looking at a screen? Sharing, Liking, Re-tweeting and Pinning are second nature now, in fact they are almost a reflex action for many of us.

The words and pictures have incredible value if you can get them noticed.

Now, imagine an online community of people businesses and organisations where we all shared ideas and content – where the creators were leaders who promised to keep original thought and innovation at the centre of what that community is doing and saying.

Get connected to Ballymena Today

This is the online community I just mentioned… right here, it’s happening. We are leading.

Talk to us about how we can get you plugged into what is happening in Ballymena.