Grove Vets in Ballymena recently blogged about dogs who experience separation anxiety when left alone. We have been watching Dogs: Their Secret Lives on Channel 4 and they have identified this as a big problem which is causing lots of dogs to be unhappy and exhibit strange behaviour.

Grove Vets advice for dog owners

Even popular vloggers Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman have had to adjust their plans to fit around their new puppy (click here to view their cute new family member) but how should dog owners treat their pets to ensure that they aren’t stressed out by being left at home alone?

Grove Vets advice for dog owners includes this helpful video from Dogs Trust which give dog owners some great information and advice.

In this episode learn how to teach your dog to deal with being apart. Part 18/25.

Dog Training Made Easy is a series of quick videos to teach your dog basic training and commands. Carolyn Menteith, host of the 25 videos, guides dog owners through important topics such as handling your dog, biting, sitting, barking, digging, eating poo, commands such as sit, stay, and retrieve, and so much more.

These videos are around 2-5 minutes each and can be watched in order or individually. As a whole, the series aims to help you ensure your dog is sociable, well trained, and a happier dog. (Source)

Click here if you would like to view more videos from this Dogs Trust series. If you are worried about the behaviour of your dog  or are looking for a Vet in Ballymena then call Grove Vets in Ballymena on 028 25656023.