Pokémon Go is a game which people can play using a smart phone. It has been taking Ballymena by storm by using augmented reality to find and collect different Pokémon.Pokémon means pocket monsters and a few years ago they took the world by storm in the form of computer games, trading cards and cartoons!

For most of us we probably feel too old to join in but playing Pokémon Go but since most of us will know someone who has joined in then it is good to know a bit about what is going on.


The Telegraph has some helpful information:

Ok, so what’s Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality geo-tagging game for your smartphone. You take the role of a ‘trainer’ and catch Pokémon that appear in the ‘real-world’, the GPS on your phone places a map on screen and different species pop up nearby. Once you’ve travelled  to the area a Pokémon is hiding out, you simply tap on the creature on the map and the camera on your phone renders it into the environment. So you might find a Drowzee bumbling around your local train station, or an Oddish while walking the dogs. Or a Zubat anywhere. Blooming Zubats.

You then must catch the Pokémon by taking aim and throwing a Pokéball at it. Some species are more difficult to capture than others, as they bounce around the sofa/oven/supermarket shelf, and you have a finite number of Pokéballs to use.

Once you’ve earned enough experience as a trainer, you can then go to a nearby Pokémon Gym (indicated as a coloured tower on the map) to battle and power up your Pokémon. (Source)

Pokemon Go – Playing in Ballymena


A Pidgey at the Bandstand at Broadway in Ballymena

The Pokémon Go game has been in the headlines because it is getting people out and about – although still glued to their phone screens! Some are reporting stories of new friendships being made as people hunt for Pokémon together. The game has positive aspects as it is getting people outside and walking around.

The Pokémon Go App is free to download and free to play. However be aware that there are micro-transactions within the game, allowing you to pay real-world cash in exchange for Pokécoins to spend on in-game items.

We have already spotted some Pokémon in and around Ballymena. Have you been playing? Have you found the nearest Pokémon Gym? Do you know someone who has been playing? Stayed tuned for some advice to parent who have Pokémon obsessed children later this week.