In the winter time even normal every day tasks can be made more difficult due to the weather. Farms and farm safety is a massive issue and as the ground turns icy farmers need to be more vigilant and take extra care.

Farm Safety in the winter

Farming is said to be one of the most dangerous occupations with a high rate of accidents. Over the Christmas break there were reports of farmers being killed or injured on their farm. As a farmer your workload doesn’t get any lighter as the days get colder and darker.

With the cold and wet weather there is an increase in the risk of slips, fall and trips. Bad weather can make the ground unworkable and fog can cause extra problems.

Winter can also bring storms, high winds and rain. This can result in dangerous repair jobs that need to be fixed onsite as soon as possible. However this is no excuse to rush and panic to get a job done. Don’t be scared to ask for help.

Farm Safety in the winter

Here are some tips from the Safety Revolution website:
• Frequent safety analyses and surveys should be conducted on your farm and you should check for hazards and take precautions.
• Remove clutter. Identify and rectify slippery and uneven surfaces. Check for tripping hazards.
• All equipment should be prepared for use in cold weather.
• Handle all heavy equipments with utmost care.
• Keep salt and sand handy to remove any ice present in your surroundings.
• Ensure there is adequate lighting.

Farming is a dangerous occupation all year long, nut winter brings extra challenges. Please take time with your every day tasks and avoid shortcuts. Wrap up well, keep warm and ensure that you are safe and sound this winter.