Whether you need to whistle while you work or rock out while you run, sometimes all you need is a little kick or boost of energy to keep you motivated to keep going. In this article I will give you some advice and pointers on how to make the perfect playlist for you.

How to make an awesome playlist – Ballymena Today Youth Team

Start with a theme

Pick a mood, idea or topic for what this playlist is going to be used for. Some ideas may include some of the following:

  • Study or revision playlist
  • Workout playlist
  • Songs to sing in the shower
  • Housework or chores playlist
  • Car playlist
  • Throwback tunes

Pick your songs

Find songs you enjoy and like to sing along to (check out how to find new music on Spotify article) and put them all into your new playlist. Don’t worry about the order or anything as you can just hit the “shuffle” button or fix the order later. Also don’t worry about leaving any of your favourite or yet undiscovered songs out as you can always add more music to your playlist later.

Vary the mood

Have a mixture of highs and lows, fast and slow, upbeat and calm or otherwise your playlist could get repetitive and dull. You need to continuously mix it up so you don’t end up skipping half of the songs to eventually find one you like.

Name it

This is the final step. Here, you need to get creative and think of a catchy title. Something that stands out. Here are some ideas for playlist names if you are stuck

  • Friday feels
  • Bring the noise
  • Put your feet up
  • Cheesy hits
  • Golden oldies/old school
  • Monday motivation
  • Songs to sing in the shower

I hope this inspires you to make the best playlist ever. Happy jamming!