Happy New Year from Ballymena Today. It is that time of the year for resolutions, goal setting and new starts. And that is great but we want nothing more than to stay consistent. For the past 7 years we have been writing several articles a week to shine a light on the place where we work, rest and play – Ballymena.

Happy New Year from Ballymena Today

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Happy New Year from Ballymena Today

Here is what we wrote years ago when we rebranded and took a new direction as Ballymena.Today:

In 2011 we launched The Directory Page with a simple plan to build real community among local business…

Actually working with real people has always been a part of what we are doing… not just writing about or tweeting about people from a distance. Our aim has always been to offer more than just a social media platform/solution.

Since then our team has been able to interact with a wide range of local businesses, organisations and local schools, offering digital strategy, design solutions and content management & development.

Which brings us to Ballymena Today.

Our community has become such that a change of name and location for our blogging was becoming an obvious necessity.

We love Ballymena! We are passionate about seeing the town thrive… which is why our new blog is called Ballymena Today.


And guess what – the heart of Ballymena.Today is still the same today. We are committed to continuing to write about Ballymena, promote the good and give back to our town.

Join us online and be part of our community. FacebookInstagramTwitter. Drop us a line and share your favourite things about Ballymena with us! We would love to hear from you.

It’s 2018 – so lets do this!